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Artisan Accents Dilution Solution Turns Gel Color in Airbrush Ready Color
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Dilution Solution - The Original Solution to Turn Gel Into Airbrush Color

Sweet Color Lab

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The perfect partner to turn any Artisan Accent  Gel Color into amazing and unique airbrush colors.

  • Using Artisan Accent  Gel colors, create your own airbrush colors for your next masterpiece.
  • Be creative and use the Artisan Accents Color Formulation Guide to create your own custom colors!
  • Perfect on cakes, cookies, Isomalt and much more.
  • To create a concentrated airbrush color, mix 1-part gel color + 3 parts Dilution Solution.
  • For translucent Concentrated Color: 1-part gel color + 4 parts Dilution Solution.
  • Less Concentrated Color: 1-part gel color + 5 parts Dilution Solution.
  • For opaque colors, mix in some white.
  • Always mix well!!
  • Kosher
  • Not suitable for chocolate.


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