Edible Image Blank Sheets, Pack of 24

Decopac SKU: 5262-bundle
Edible Image Blank Sheets, Pack of 24 - Art Is In Cakes, Bakery SupplyEdible Image Decoration
Edible Image Blank Sheets, Pack of 24 - Art Is In Cakes, Bakery SupplyEdible Image Decoration

Edible Image Blank Sheets, Pack of 24

Decopac SKU: 5262-bundle
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Edible Images Sheets to print, then peel and stick images onto your cakes and cookies at home.

  • This is an ultra thin icing sheet laminated to an acetate backing for easy removal.
  • PRINTED SHEET:  8" by 10.5" max printable/usable area.
  • The "extended sheet" is viewed as a Legal Size paper by your printer.
  • Image templates should be on a legal sized sheet with 1.5" margins top and bottom and .7" margins left and right for best results.
  • Extended sheets with margins allow prints to go all the way to the edge of the actual icing sheet, allowing you to achieve that edge-to-edge look on your cakes
  • This icing sheet has a very fine, ultra smooth texture to produce the highest quality images.
  • These create sharp, clear photographs and graphics.
  • This edible paper is designed to resist fading and bleeding to ensure the best printed performance on buttercream, fondant, and ice cream.
  • Made in the U.S. A.
  • Kosher. 
  • This is the ONLY edible photo paper that we use on our cakes and in-store.
  • Works on Canon and Epson Edible Image Printers.
  • Use only a printer dedicated to food use, and use only edible image ink cartridges filled with food coloring.
  • For best results, cut images out while still attached to the backing.
  • Allow images to dry slightly before peeling or freeze images for a firmer feel when peeling.  See Care and Use for more information.
Care and Use

Edible Image Helpful Information:

  • Edible paper should be kept sealed in the packaging and stored in a cool but room temperature location away from ovens, lights or any other equipment that produces heat.
  • For best results, the printed image should be placed on the cake/cookie as close to the pick-up or serving time as possible.
  • The edible paper in most instances, should peel from the backing sheet easily.
  • Gently lift one corner at a time, releasing from the backing, until the entire sheet is released.  
  • Use a cake board or large flat surface to support larger images as you place them on your cakes.
  • Gently smooth out air bubbles, starting at the center of the image and working your way to the edge.
  • Work quickly but gently.  This icing sheet is designed to "dissolve" into the icing below for a seamless experience that will have your guests wondering if you printed an image or painted it on!
  • At times, especially in humid environments, the media can stick to the backing sheet.  This is caused by the icing sheet drawing additional humidity from the air or absorbing the waters in the food coloring on an image recently printed and saturated with inks.
To Prevent Sticking:
  • Print the image several days in advance and allow to rest at room temperature in a ziplock bag (which is slightly porous) to dry slightly before peeling.
  • Or - Place the sheet of edible paper in the freezer for 5 to 10 minutes to "firm up" and try again.

Fading and Color Bleeding:

  • Food coloring is not as stable as standard paper copier inks.  To have that stability, toxic chemicals that are NOT food safe would have to be used.  Here are things to note to keep your printed images at their best.
  • BLEEDING: Most often caused by condensation.  If you place your image on your dessert and then put it in the refrigerator, it will cool.  When you take it out of the fridge, moisture in the air will condense on the surface, rehydrating the pigments and causing them to run.  We don't recommend chilling cakes that contain edible images.
  • If you must chill or freeze your desserts, we recommend protecting it in an airtight container, and remove from the fridge and allow to come to room temperature while STILL IN that airtight container.  TIP: You can use cardboard cake boxes, wrapped securely on the outside with cling wrap to prevent water vapor.
  • FADING:  Food colors fade fast in bright lights.  Purples, Pinks, Blues - all of those pretty hues fade in sunlight and fluorescent light.  Keep your images covered until the day of serving.
  • CRACKING: Images placed on cakes that were iced when really cold or frozen will crack.  Why?  The cake and icing expands as it warms, but the icing sheet does not have flexibility.  It will be forced to spread and crack.


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