We can print your edible images here in store while you wait or ship them anywhere.
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Edible Image Printing and PhotoCake® Image Ordering


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Edible Images - Easy Photo Prints for Cakes and Cookies

  • We can print your edible images here in store while you wait or ship them anywhere.
  • We can print from the existing image library or print your custom images.
  • Edible image prints are 8" by 10.5" max printable area.
  • Images must be purchased in advance of printing.
Image Library
  • Hundreds of available images to choose from, covering everything from Disney to Marvel and all of your favorite sports teams from our partners at the PhotoCake® Library.
  • At checkout enter the CakeID Number in the NOTES section during online ordering so we find and print the correct item for you.
Custom Images
  • Needing something special? We print custom images.
  • Bring a high resolution jpg or a word document set to legal size with 1.5" margins top and bottom into the shop on a usb drive, or email your photo to us at questions@artisincakes.com
  • Tell us how you would like it sized. Is it going on a cake?  What size cake?  Is it going on the side of your cake? How tall should it be?  Do you need us to scale it down to 2 inch circles for cookies? The page can print 12 circles. Put this info in the NOTES section during online ordering.
  • Our system supports High Res jpegs or ready to print Word Documents.
  • Alternatively, you can bring in a color copy and we can photocopy directly to an edible image sheet.
  • Our system does not support pdf's.
  • Transparencies on png's print as black, so we do not recommend using png files.
  • Word documents print directly to edible paper and must be ready to print...so you'll want to duplicate, place, and scale your images just as you want them printed, while staying within Word's Legal Size Format, Top and Bottom Margins set at 1.5 inches
  • Special Note: Word documents do not support fancy scripts unless you send us the script file for installation.  When we receive them, the fancy script reverts to standard block letters.  To print the pretty fancy scripts, send us the .ttf or .otf font file as well. Click here to learn how to locate the font files on your computer.
  • Images must be royalty free, not-copyrighted or trademarked.  
  • If you do not own the image(s) you want printed, they must be royalty free and not copyrighted or trademarked. We are not responsible for obtaining permission to use images for the creation of your custom edible image. We can not be held responsible for any breach or infringement of intellectual property rights, copyright, or trademark.
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