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Cookie Cutter Fairy 3 1/2 in

Ann Clark Cookie Cutters

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  • All you need is trust and pixie dust, right? Make people believe in magic just a little bit more with this elegant fairy cookie cutter. 
  • Speaking of pixie dust... we have it!! Complete the mystical fairy look with super fun Pixie Dust Techno Glitter! Sprinkle on your fairies wings or simply the whole cookie! There's no such thing as too much glitter.
  • Quality American-made metal cookie cutters that are certified food safe.
  • Each cutter can easily be used for cookie dough, as a pastry cutter or fondant cutter. They can also be used to create fun shapes in soft food such as cheese, sandwiches, fruit or Jello.
  • Many people also enjoy using them for craft projects, stocking stuffers, decorating or wedding favors, too.
  • Made in the USA