Grease proof rectangular corrugated cardboard cake boards in various sizes
Three grease proof corrugated card board cake boards in various sizes
Close up view of round corners of grease proof rectangular corrugated card board cake boards
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Cake Boards, Rectangle, in Grease Proof Corrugated Cardboard

Southern Champion

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Grease Proof Cardboard Rectangles for Cake Decorating and Dessert Displays

  • Corrugated cake rectangles are perfect supports and make a sturdy foundation for all of your cake decorating needs.
  • Grease proof coating eliminates buttercream grease stains and can be wiped clean. Wax coating is on one side only.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes. from 10x14 in. for your quarter sheet cakes, 14x19 in. for your half sheet cakes, and the massive 17.5x25.5 in. for your full sheet cakes.
  • The single wall corrugated thickness is 1/8" tall.
  • Made in the USA.
Suggested Use
  • For general cake decorating, choose a bottom presentation board slightly larger than your cake. This leaves room for icing and borders and also provides air space between the finished cake and your box sides.
  • For stacked cakes, choose a board that is the same size as your cake or trim your boards with scissors to match the size of your cake. After stacking, the raw edges of the board can be easily covered with a beautiful border. 
  • Same sized boards can be glued together, creating a stronger base for your heavier cakes. 
Additional Info
Shipping Charges
  • Full Sheet Boards are considered oversized shipping.  Based on current calculations, shipping to outlying states will cost about $27.00.  Additional shipping charges, not visible in your cart, may apply to your order prior to processing it.