Detail of black nonpareils sprinkles
Black nonpareils sprinkles spread out on surface with silver tablespoon
Black nonpareils sprinkles Nutrition Facts and Ingredients list
Black nonpareils sprinkles in 3.8oz jar with flip top lid

Nonpareils Sprinkles Black 3.8 oz Perfect For Decorating Cakes, Cookies, Candies, And All Other Baked Goods

CK Products

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Add a sprinkle of color to your baked treats with these Black Nonpareils

  • Nonpareils are extra small pearl sprinkles that are commonly used to decorate the outsides of cakes, tops of cupcakes, and cookies. Can be added to any baked goods to add extra color and easy to bite sprinkle crunch! 
  • Nonpareils are easy to bite and chew unlike the larger sugar pearls used to commonly decorate cakes. 
  • Store in a cool, dark area. 
  • Neight Weight: 3.8 oz (107.7 grams) 
  • Manufactured by CK Products 

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