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Parrot Tulip Petal Cutter, Botanically Correct, 2 Petals - Art Is In Cakes, Bakery & SupplyFlower making toolsDefault Title

Parrot Tulip Petal Cutter, Botanically Correct, 2 Petals

Sugar Delites

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  • Created by Nature, Captured by Simply Nature™.
  • This is a medium parrot tulip petal cutter set, designed to coordinate with Simply Nature's Medium Sized Parrot Tulip Veiner Set, VEI156.
  • Each cutter is hand made and designed from hand picked petals.
  • Each veiner is created to precisely mimick nature...every ruffle, pillow and billow, shape and vein on both the front and back.
  • While designed with gumpaste in mind, the cutters can be used with fondant, isomalt, polymer clay, marzipan, cold porcelain, modeling chocolate,and more.
  • Not considered dishwasher safe.  We recommend hand washing with mild soap and water with thorough hand drying immediately following.


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