Plunger Cutters Oval
Plunger Cutters Oval

Plunger Cutters Oval


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  • These cutters are ideal for use with a range of edible and non edible materials: fondant, gum paste, or craft clays.
  • Use plungers for creating easy ovals, great for sprinkling on cupcakes or creating geometric shapes on cakes.
  • Plunger design makes cutting and removing small shapes a breeze.
  • Set of 4 PME Oval plunger cutters: Measurements - Small 6mm (0.2 inches), medium 10mm (0.4 inches), Large 14mm (0.6 inches) and Extra large 25mm (1 inch). 
  • Made from hard wearing ABS thermoplastic these cutters are easy to clean and the plunger button releases your paste quickly and easily.
  • Hygienically wrapped with high quality, durable, Eco-friendly packaging.
  • Roll out the gumpaste on a non-stick surface or using a bit of corn starch to prevent sticking.
  • Press the cutter into the paste without pressing the plunger, wiggling the cutter slightly to insure a clean cut.
  • Then lift the cutter and press the plunger down to eject the shape.