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Real Chocolate by Guittard by the Pound


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  • Guittard is known worldwide for it's delicious chocolates. 
  • Real chocolate requires tempering for use as candy coatings, candy bars, or truffle shells, a process of heating the chocolate to a specific temperature, reducing the heat, then raising the temperature back up to cause the chocolate to change it's crystalline structure.  This is what gives chocolate it's shiny appearance, perfect snap, and oh so creamy texture.
  • Real chocolate can be tempered by hand under carefully monitored conditions, or by using a home tempering machine.
  • Guittard's real chocolate is perfect for ganache, sauces, and fillings, without any additional tempering required.
  • Care and Use:
    • Heat gently and slowly on very low heat to prevent later blooming.  
    • Prevent steam or water from getting into your chocolate.  Water will cause your chocolate to seize up and become chalky.  
    • Use only oil based flavors and colors in your chocolate.