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Salt - Alder Smoked Sea Salt 7oz

India Tree

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  • Alder Smoked Sea Salt is reminiscent of the Northwest Indian potlatch tradition.
  • Pacific sea salt is cold-smoked for 24 hours using red alder wood until it absorbs the wood's full, rich aroma and flavor.
  • In addition to the flavor, the salt becomes a beautiful deep charcoal color.
  • The flavor and color makes this unique salt a much sought after decorative feature to high end chocolates and caramels.
  • Dress your chocolates up with a bit of smokey Alder.
  • For more traditional purposes, use it to season salmon, halibut, and other fish. Combine it with crushed green peppercorns to season burgers, baked potatoes, and corn on the cob. 
  • Jar includes a smoked salmon recipe card.