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Savvy Chevron Silicone Onlay ® - Art Is In Cakes, Bakery & SupplyMolds & Impression MatsDefault Title

Savvy Chevron Silicone Onlay ®

Marvelous Molds

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  • Savvy Chevron Silicone Onlay® makes a bold statement to the side of any cake.
  • The flexibility of design and patented cutting blades make it the ideal cake decorating tool for creating a masculine, chevron pattern, reminiscent of military uniforms.
  • Vary the design and make it your own by choosing to include or remove different sections of the fondant prior to applying the Silicone Onlay® to the side of the cake.
  • Save hours using this 3d savvy chevron cake stencil while creating clean, concise lines sure to capture the eye of the beholder. 


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