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Silicone Mold Funny Bubbles by Khristina Lagunova - Art Is In Cakes, Bakery & SupplyMolds & Impression MatsDefault Title
Silicone Mold Funny Bubbles by Khristina Lagunova - Art Is In Cakes, Bakery & SupplyMolds & Impression MatsDefault Title
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Silicone Mold Funny Bubbles by Khristina Lagunova

Khristina Lagunova

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  • This mold is one of Khristina's most popular.  The funny bubbles are translatable to all kinds of designs!
  • The mold is 8 inches by 8 inches.
  • The pattern blends easily at the seams.
  • Khristina's molds are highly sought after.  She designs them at her shop in St. Petersburg and then casts them in high quality, clear and flexible, food safe silicone.
  • Silicone items are dishwasher safe. 
  • Silicone is compatible with fondant, modeling chocolate, poured chocolate, caramel, poured sugar and isomalt, ice, and so much more.
  • Please keep molds away from direct flame, acids, and sharp items that might cut the flexible silicone.
  • Khristina's molds are also useful in making resin casts, pottery, clay, soap, or wax designs.
  • A bit about Khristina: I am a cake decorator from Russia. I started making cakes quite by accident at the age of 31 when, living in the Netherlands where my husband was getting his PhD, a friend asked me to make a little cake for the women’s club at the local church. This was my first experience working with fondant, and needless to say, I fell in love with it! Following my return to Russia, I began working at the British Bakery in Saint-Petersburg. This marked the beginning of a period of re-evaluation for me, during which I questioned, conceptualised, and then formulated my approach to the art of cake making. I would witness the other girls who I worked with, who were incredibly talented, hardworking professionals, spend countless hours crafting their cakes into beautiful pieces of art. Under constant time restraints to produce a profitable product, you cannot, however, go deep into intricate, decorative detail. This prompted me to think of putting such beautiful detailed work in a silicone mold, which would then make it possible to cover a cake with it in a short period of time. Being an absolutely new sphere of experience for me, I spent many hours figuring out, and overcoming the many obstacles which stood in the way of producing such molds, but ultimately I prevailed to produce and sell my very first mold “Shells,” inspired by my daughter’s collection of various shells. I cannot describe the amazement and the pride I felt, seeing all my efforts come to fruition. All of this was possible because of the support and help I received from my family. My husband then came to support me not only in his profession as a professor, but also as a business partner and as the promoter of my business. It is thanks to his constant work that we are able to reach out, and connect with, cake decorators all over the world.


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