Whole West Indies Nutmeg in 1.8oz jar

Spice - Nutmeg, West Indies, Whole 1.8 oz

India Tree

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Freshly ground West Indies Nutmeg is great not only as a baking spice, but to flavor vegetable and meat dishes, mulled cider and eggnog, hot chocolate, and so much more!

  • Nutmegs are the seed pits of a plum-like fruit growing on a large evergreen tree native to the Banda Islands.
  • Nutmeg was the subject of the great spice wars of the 16th C. through the 18th C., which involved the major trading nations of Europe.
  • Today the best quality nutmeg comes from the West Indies.
  • In colonial America, nutmeg was a favorite spice.
  • Nutmegs were costly and often gilded and ribboned and given as gifts.
  • Ladies and gentlemen carried them about in "snuff" boxes as a sign of luxury.
  • Use freshly ground INDIA TREE Nutmeg not only as a baking spice, but to flavor vegetables, meat, and cheese dishes; add it to mulled cider and eggnog; use it to top hot chocolate and espresso drinks; add a pinch of grated nutmeg to béchamel sauce for use in pasta dishes, gratins, and soufflès; use it to season potato soup; combine it with onion, ricotta cheese, and sage in a winter squash filling for tortellini; use it to flavor such desserts as pear and almond cake or fried bananas.
  • One of our favorite Chef Celebrities carries a nutmeg in his pocket to spice up life everywhere he goes.  Can you guess who?

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