Wedding Cake Taster To Go Kit
Wedding Cake Taster To Go Kit
Wedding Cake Taster To Go Kit

Wedding Cake Taster To Go Kit

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  • The perfect option when you want to taste our cakes before setting up a design consultation
  • The 10" x 10" box contains 10 different cake flavors, all of our standard buttercreams, and several filling options.
  • Each flavor is marked on the lid compartment on a beautiful insert that you can pull off and make notes on, or keep it for your wedding scrapbook.
  • Mix and match and find your favorite flavor options.
  • Pick up at 9807 W. Markham, Little Rock, AR 72205.

Taste what sets us apart!  
When you order this 10" box of goodies, you will find a wide variety of cakes and fillings to please a variety of tastes.  Whether you prefer the traditional or slightly fun, the mild or the bold, we can offer it.  Let us show you what we can create when we think "outside the box mix" with our scratch based cakes.  

  • We listened to your feedback.  It IS a little awkward to have the baker staring at you the entire time you are tasting your cakes.  You may want to discuss your likes and dislikes in private.  Thus the Taster Kit to Go is born!  
  • Pre selecting your cake flavor combinations frees up valuable time during the Design Consultation, allowing us to get down to inspiration, sketches, and quotes.
  • While we haven't quite worked out a way to ship these goodies via common carrier, they have traveled with family as far as Paris, France for long distance wedding planning.  (How they managed not to snack on the way there is beyond us!...No willpower, no shame.)
  • The beauty of this kit is you can order it direct from our website, without picking up the phone.  How convenient is that?  One step closer to mind reading.