Turntable Tilt-N-Turn Ultra ™
Turntable Tilt-N-Turn Ultra ™
Turntable Tilt-N-Turn Ultra ™

Turntable Tilt-N-Turn Ultra ™


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  • The only turn table you will ever need! With this tilt-n-turn turntable you will be able to lock into 18 DIFFERENT plate positions for all your decorating needs! 
  • Plate has a non-slip grip to ensure your cakes do not slip and slide will decorating. 
  • Plate is 5 inches high and balanced at the base with non-slip feet to keep it in place. 
  • This tilting turntable features a non-slip soft grip design molded into the top plate to securely keep your cake in place as it tilts and turns for easier decorating.
  • The large push button controls the tilting mechanism that provides 18 different yet secure plate positions, making it easy for left- and right-handed decorators to precisely decorate every surface on a cake.
  • Decorating anything is easier when you can change the angle of the surface to be decorated, from garlands on the sides of a cake to lettering a candy plaque, even decorating cookies.
  • The top plate rotates smoothly in either direction and can be locked in place when desired for detail work.
  • The combination of the tilting mechanism and the 5 in. high base takes the strain off your back as you decorate by bringing the cake closer to eye level. The weight-balanced base and non-slip feet secure the turntable on the worksurface so you don't have to worry about your plastic turntable tipping.
  • Can accommodate cake boards larger than 12-inch diameter; great for 3-D shaped cakes as well as more standard square and round cakes.